Many brides aren't sure if they need a Day-of Planner.  You may have an aunt who planned weddings many years ago and is sure she can handle it.  The truth is, things have changed and you want everything to go perfectly.  Your mom may be anxious that no one can do it like her and she can't imagine turning things over to someone else.  What she's forgetting is that while she's calling the baker because the cake is late, she's missing you getting into your gown.  Even if your friend from work has always dreamed of being a wedding planner and has planned countless office parties, your wedding day is not practice time.  Your wedding day is too important to not be as perfect as possible and you need a professional!

We can still find a meaningful way for your loved ones to be involved but having us on board will allow them to contribute and then be able to relax and enjoy this special moment with you. 

A highlight of the services you can expect are as follows…
-At our planning meeting, we'll start from the beginning, discussing each vendor, contract and arrangement that has been made.  This is more than just gathering information for us.  We're listening carefully to make sure that everything is in order and that there are no conflicts that can be easily adjusted to make things flow smoother when the wedding day arrives.

-If we do foresee any problems, we'll offer suggestions for a solution. A quick phone call or email to a vendor is much less stressful 3-4 weeks before the wedding than 3-4 days before. We'll instruct you on the exact changes or adjustments you may want to make to fully accomplish your wedding day vision. You won't have any questions when you make that call or send that email.

-If there are final meetings with vendors scheduled, we'll discuss final needs for each one so that you're prepared when you attend.  If we have enough notice and there are no schedule conflicts, we can sometimes accompany you to the final venue or catering meeting.

-From all of our discussion, we'll create an action list of things left to be done for you and for us, preferably with yours being very short.  This will be emailed to you so that you'll know exactly what is left to do, who will do it and what the expected outcome is.

-The last part of our meeting is spent going over every minute of your wedding day so that we can create a timeline for hair, makeup, final go-time, photography, transportation, ceremony lineup and reception schedules.  We'll type these plans up and distribute them to your bridal party and applicable vendors.  We'll also use this as our guide to direct your rehearsal.

-After that meeting, we get down to business, finalizing the items from our action list and updating you on the progress.

-We contact applicable vendors to coordinate their delivery and breakdown schedules.  This eliminates conflicts in the setup process.  For example, the cake can't be delivered until the tables and linens have been placed.  The florist can't leave before the baker delivers the cake if flowers are to be placed on it by the florist. These are things we discuss with vendors ahead of time for you so you won't be getting vendor phone calls on the days leading up to your wedding. 

-Your personal schedule the week of the wedding can be overwhelming.  One thing you won’t have to stress over is the rehearsal. We take the information obtained at our meeting and use it to direct a smooth and efficient walkthrough.  Every participant will receive a printed itinerary which includes their schedule for the next day.  Everyone will know when they need to be dressed and ready and where to meet for transportation and processional lineup on the wedding day.  Most of our rehearsals last less than an hour.

-The day of your wedding will be one of the highlights of your life. We’re there to make sure everything is taken care of so that you can relax and get lost in the experience of being a bride. We greet and oversee vendors as they arrive to set up, handle any problems that may arise, work to keep the bridal party on schedule, coordinate transportation of your guests and all of this is before the wedding even starts! At the ceremony, we cue musicians, organize the processional, make sure you are perfect before walking down the aisle, sometimes even assisting the post-ceremony photography session to keep things moving and get you to your reception as quickly as possible.

-At your reception, your only job is to be a new spouse and enjoy yourself. We’ll keep track of the schedule and guide you through each activity. We stay one step ahead of the next big moment to make sure all vendors are in place when you’re ready to shine.

-At the end of the night, we coordinate your guests for the send-off and then make sure the appointed person is aware of the location of your gifts and personal items.

BONUS: If you hire us more than 60 days out and need hotel accommodations for your out-of-town guests, we have a partnership with a 15-year travel industry veteran who negotiates and coordinates the blocks for you.  Her expertise isn’t reserved for your guests only. Our travel department specializes in honeymoon services as well no matter how late you book us.

Estimated investment: $1800

Contact us for more information.

"Everything is planned and now I want to relax and enjoy my wedding."
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