"I have part of the day covered but I'd feel better having a professional on hand for the rest."
You have someone to direct your rehearsal and get everyone down the aisle for your ceremony and you may even have an onsite "coordinator" at your reception but that still leaves a large part of your wedding day experience uncovered. ​

Neither the ceremony nor the reception coordinator will know the fine details of your wedding. They will only know the details of their involvement as it relates to the church or venue.  

For example, a church/venue ceremony coordinator won't be monitoring and checking in with you at the hotel to make sure everyone stays on schedule. They won't coordinate transportation to your ceremony or know who to call if your transportation doesn't show to your hotel on time.

Likewise, a reception venue manager will have a list of your vendors but will they call if one of your vendors is late? If a floral or cake delivery is made in error, they may not give it a second thought. Sometimes all they know is that a cake should have been delivered and it was. Only yours wasn't blue with pink flowers; it was gold with ivory accents.

Neither will have analyzed your contracts to help you find any changes that need to be made ahead of time. If your photographer isn't booked for enough hours to cover everything, you're on your own to figure that out, hopefully before the photographer packs his bags 2 hours into the reception because his contract is over.

Who will be there to keep these concerns from stressing your special day?  

We will! ​This package provides just the added protection you need to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible and cover any parts of the day not covered by a church/venue coordinator. .
A highlight of the services you can expect are as follows…

OPTION 1-Handling venue setup during the day and everything up to the ceremony start time

-At our first meeting, we'll start from the beginning, discussing each vendor, contract and arrangement that has been made.  This is more than just gathering information for us.  We're listening carefully to make sure that everything is in order and that there are no conflicts that can be easily adjusted to make things flow smoother.  We want to know what you're expecting from each vendor so that we can be your liaison on your wedding day.

-The last part of our meeting is spent going over every minute of your wedding day so that we can create a timeline for hair, makeup, final go-time, photography, transportation, ceremony lineup and reception schedules.  We'll type these plans up and email them to you so that you can distribute them to your bridal party and applicable vendors.

-The day of your wedding will be one of the highlights of your life. We’re there to make sure everything is taken care of so that you can relax and get lost in the experience of being a bride. While we don't usually stay in your room with you as you get ready (you'll be surrounded by bridesmaids, moms and well-wishers and we'd just be in the way), we are on high alert call for you in case any emergencies arise.

-We typically start at the reception, arriving when the first vendor arrives to greet and oversee things as they arrive to set up.

-We handle any problems that may arise and make necessary adjustments for the betterment of the event and with the vision of the bride in mind. 

-We check in with the bridal party to make sure things are running on schedule and assist in any way needed to make up any lost time.

-We coordinate all transportation for you, your fiance, bridal party, family, and guests, whatever the case may be.

​-If no one is at the ceremony location to greet you, we will assist you in getting out of your vehicle and hidden away to await your ceremony.

OPTION 2 (all of Option 1 in addition to the following)-Handling everything except for the rehearsal and ceremony 

-If you decide to have a First Look with your fiance, we'll coordinate the event so that you don't see one another before the intended time.

-At your reception, your only job is to be a new wife and enjoy yourself. We’ll start by coordinating your arrival and grand entrance.

-Cue the DJ or band as to when to make each announcement and keep them apprised of each activity that is about to occur.  

-If an activity is scheduled for a certain time but you would rather start earlier or wait a while, we'll be the only person you need to tell. We'll coordinate with the DJ/band, photographer, videographer, caterer and any other necessary vendor to make the change in schedule.  The day is about you and your husband.  We're there to make it perfect for you.

-Ensure each special dance participant (for example, father of the bride) is informed of their upcoming dance and on standby when the previous dance ends.  This ensures a smooth transition from one activity to the next.

-Provide instructions on how to cut your first piece of cake, coordinate any cake pull activities and/or ensure your wedding party are in attendance for any photo ops.  You won't miss a moment of your reception because of a missing groomsman if we can help it!

-Upon request and approval, we may stay past the cake cutting to coordinate additional activities such as a money dance, sorority/fraternity ceremony, etc.

-Before leaving, we will ensure that as many personal items are washed (toasting flutes, cake cutters) and gathered with your gifts for easy transporting at the end of the evening.
BONUS: If you hire us more than 60 days out and need hotel accommodations for your out-of-town guests, we have a partnership with a 15-year travel industry veteran who negotiates and coordinates the blocks for you.  Her expertise isn’t reserved for your guests only. Our travel department specializes in honeymoon services as well no matter how late you book us.

Estimated investment for Option 1 only: $700
Estimated investment for Options 1 and 2: $1000

Contact us for more information.

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